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If you thought your friends gave you flak for going all paparazzi everytime the food arrives, you might want to read this one out to them. Because you might just be onto something….

2 gourmands from Mumbai - The city of dreams

Jinisha Mehta & Jeet Lakun, being a Marwadi & Gujarati respectively with an inheritance of a spicy tongue & sweet tooth and serious food addiction.


One fine day in 2016, we were browsing through Instagram, both being a social media addict. Our addiction to clicking food pictures gave a thought to our friends and they motivated us to start a food blog. So we decided to give it a try and started posting food pictures on Instagram & Facebook under the name of ''Food Paradise''.


The blog consisted of pleasing pictures of the cuisines, information regarding the food joints and restaurants which served it, reviews, and much more. It was helpful for numerous people who were foodies like us. Our dedication towards the blog led to its big following.

Our blog had a collection of traditional, western, exotic, and all kinds of finger-licking cuisines.

Being a connoisseur on Zomato with 15k+ followers on Instagram, gave us a good opportunity to work on platforms like Youtube and Facebook too.

Throughout the journey of being a food blogger, we have developed ourselves and enjoyed all along the way. The highlights of our journey have been credibility, trust, name, and fame which we have earned from our friends, family, and our viewers.

Finally, we want to say, when you do what you love with dedication and you will have a beautiful journey to look back to!