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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they are like, it’s better than yours, Damn right, it’s better than yours…... who would have thought that this R&B hit from the grammy award winning singer Kelis could in fact be holding the secret to food blogging.


I am Himanshi and I am the name behind the instagram handle @Delhifoodsandco, a food blog with a following of 10 K (which in the world of food blogging is a marvel in its own right) and I truly believe that- "The slow and steady wins the race." I can so vividly recall how I began my journey about two years ago with some of my work colleagues.

I have always been a foodie, a gentle nudge from friends and family got me to begin blogging which at first, did come off as too daunting a task. But it was also a vaguely familiar experience. Thanks to all the free lectures back in college,I had been privy to the experience of hopping about cafes and street food vendors.The first two years were a breeze, we had vowed to maintain our social media presence by regular activity and that was all, there was to it at the time.

But that flickering want and decisive quest were always buzzing somewhere at the back of my mind. And that was what made all the difference.


A few years down the line, both my companions chose to bow out, leaving me with the herculean and life-altering task of running a food blogging page all by my lonesome. I had almost given into the idea of walking away for good. If only it wasn’t for that magical and awe-infusing trip to Gujarat, a state with a lot to unravel for a person in love with food and seeking experiences of all kinds. And that is what did the trick! My heart began to throb again like never before, every pulse drew me closer to my passion which for some reason hadn’t manifested itself in all of its entirety yet. And you don’t have to hear this from me because our girl Selena does a far better job at explaining it-The heart wants what it wants...


There! Somewhere between the sky with scattered kites more than the stars and a land with sand that shines at night, I had made up my mind. It would be the path of perseverance, come rain or shine, for this to me was more than just exploring, this new journey came with a desire to show the world,all things yummy through my eyes.

Faced with another ordeal, I transformed into the role of blogger-in-chief once again and ‘took the road less traveled by’. I made the call to pivot inorder to survive at a time when most had drowned already. If the pandemic was going to raise havoc over the planet then so be it! But it wouldn’t be able to manage to get me to either give up or give in, because I will just keep rowing upstream.

Taken over with the desire to push through the dark clouds, I chalked out a plan, I hadn’t tried or tested before. But sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith and go with your gut. So did I! I donned that chef hat and much like Eugine from the movie Ratatouille, began cooking.


I also found a new passion along the way. I began sharing my recipes with the world and the sweetest fruit of it all- fabulous pictures for Instagram.

Looking back, I admittedly, take pride in how far I have come since the day I started but I also feel humbled when people thank me for having inspired their journeys.


Having crossed 11K followers in just about four months, I can safely state that no one should ever underestimate the power of their passion and what it could reap. Because faith and sincerity while remaining consistent with hard work are the key to thriving at all you wish for. So, don’t let the naysayers get to you, march to your own beat, set a focus in sight and go bananas or nuts-whichever it is that you prefer!

I have always been taken aback by the aroma and the bright colours of food and I must confess my profound love for milkshakes. I am extremely persnickety with their rheology, I always begin by trying milkshakes first of all the things when on a mission to find the best for my blog. And just like most foodies, I am a turophile and a chocoholic with some serious hogging issues too. So, High five!