Food God?

Do you know of any Food Gods? Would you like to hear one out?

I was about six or seven years old when I caught the bug!


My maternal Grandmother was a fabulous cook and hostess. She adored serving us- the grandkids and everybody that came about the house. I remember how I used to plant myself on the kitchen slab and eat all day whenever I’d go visit her. Looking back, I think, I got it from her! She had an infectious passion for food which I inherited. In fact, I am thinking about food right this very second. And if that doesn’t tell you about my love affair with all things food, I don’t know what will.

I started my food blogging journey with Zomato. It was roughly seven years ago. I didn’t begin, thinking a lot about it. But it very soon made its way into my heart. I always wanted to try new cuisines and different dishes and loved the idea of making a journal about my culinary adventures. And that’s where Zomato fit perfectly. It seemed like the best way forward.


I started by writing blogs and reviews and soon enough, Zomato approached me to join their team. And as much as it was what dreams are made of for any aspiring food blogger, it was hard to say yes. I was about to make a big move to the States and had apprehensions for I knew how swamped I was going to be in the coming months. And swamped I was!


I lost touch with Zomato, a few months into my move to a new place and all that came with it. I stopped with my food blogging spree for a bit there. But I didn’t leave food for it was too precious to me and looking back, I can state that food didn’t leave me either. So, just as it drifted away; that is without a word or a warning, it made its way back to me, one fine day. I decided to dive into my passion again. This time on Instagram. And it would be churlish to say that there weren’t any hurdles when I started off for the second time. But food always played the biggest motivator in the then new journey, I had just set out on and it was my passion that made me get through those hoops.


I am filled with stupendous glee, every time it dawns me as to how many people are being appreciative of my work. There is also no greater joy than to witness, folks that take note of my posts. I am eternally grateful to each one of them and to all the good fellas at eatoes for introducing me to your virtual clan.

My vision is to go in every corner of the world and eat whatever I find, no exceptions. I enjoy street food as much as I enjoy fine dining and to also be able to bring all of that to you guys, just so that you can see and explore it for yourself too.

You can call me ‘Food Guide’ or ‘Food God’. I don’t mind either. To be more accurate, I fancy both of them just as much.