Food to the rescue

And the recipe to making a successful food blogger is...

“Mummy, achcha nahi laga” is a phrase we’ve commonly heard from toddlers when they don’t like a meal full of vegetables and cereals.

But that wasn’t the case with me. As a child, I was interested in how different ingredients came together to form something incredible that could provide comfort. Be it lunch-hour in a classroom, breakfasts with college roommates or business deals over dinner, food makes the heart thaw.


I’m Sripad Marathe, a Marketing Professional, boasting BSc in Chemistry and MBA in Finance, striving to embrace my passion for food blogging whilst juggling it with a job.


Food blogging gave me the peace I craved from the constant throws of chaos around me. Since I had no experience of writing before, I started off just by scripting 3-4 lines on the restaurant I would visit with my family and friends. A friend of mine made me realize the impact my reviews brought and that led to my finally becoming an influencer.

When my office job begins to feel like a chore, that is the time when I sit in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee beside, I begin writing about what I am most passionate about and i.e. food, in all its varied forms.

I've been in the field of food blogging for nearly 7 years now. In all this time, I have worked to proliferate my writings from Zomato and WordPress to Instagram, Google, Amazon and Facebook.I’m also starting a YouTube page with my lovely wife to share our experiences with the whole world.

I’m still evolving from the child who loved food to an adult trying to figure his path out with one constant companion and that's the ability to write about food.