Gala over Fondue

Is there any such thing as too much cheese? No, right? We think so too!

This is about last year when we visited resto bar Teera in Wakad, Pune. Pune has a very few themed - resto bars and Teera is one of them.

It was a reunion and all of us were meeting after a year. We were a group of friends with many experiences and memories associated with each other. The only thing that binds us is the common love for food, hence we ordered a lot of stuff, ACTUALLY A LOT OF STUFF.


We had gone around the city and tried most of the dishes. But this place was new and we aren't a continental food fan! So naturally we were curious and most of the order included a fancy dish mostly unheard of! Amongst them was this dish - "Cheese Fondue" 😂


We had heard of it, but were not sure of the cuisine. Love for food is amazing, but it's amplified when there's alcohol and a party vibe. Do you agree?

Everyone was so high and ecstatic, we really did not bother to Google or check. And hey! We anyway had ordered a lot. It was a sheer food tour that we were determined to have. So who cares right?

So when the waiter got it, it was like a whole container of cheese on the top with a little candle burning at bottom.

At first, we thought it's a candle for the table. None of us really paid an iota of attention.

On serving, the waiter told sir try this. Practically clueless and high, we gave him the most confused look of our life! Infact one of us also uttered - "Bhaiya, yeh candle bhi Khana hai?" Then I somehow managed to ask the waiter and guess what? he replied you ordered the cheese fondue and here it is. That ensued a hilarious sequence of pretending and acting that we loved it. Oh by the way that cheese fondue was the worst fondue with such disgusting bread chunks. Unfortunately we could not act for longer and rushed out of the place. Worst part? It cost us a bomb and satisfaction? Don't even talk about it. That day there was a realization that stuck hard - Exotic stuff? Yes please but khaana toh yaar tadka marke desi hi chahiye ❤️