Legally Fond

Of all things food related! Here’s a story of a hat juggler by profession and a food blogger by fate.

I remember it so vividly!


It was sometime in October 2017, I was out eating Misal Pav with a few friends of mine. We began discussing food in general. And it was during that discussion that a friend of mine, who knew that I loved cooking, tasting food and critiquing it, suggested that I give food blogging a whirl. At that time, in all honesty, I wasn't even aware of what food blogging was. However, upon reaching home I began searching all I could about food blogging over the internet.

And there was this one moment where it all just clicked. I knew in that very instant that I belonged in the food blogging world and it was my calling. I began by making an Instagram account then and there itself. The name @tadkabhadka was also a random thought and I decided to wing it.


I hail from a foodie family. My father has always enjoyed seeking adventure in his choice of cuisines and in trying his hand at preparing them too. Back when I was younger, every Sunday, my father would take me to a new place to eat. From roadside vendors to amazing restaurants. I don't think we would have missed any great places to grab a bite. So that's how I started developing a love so pure, for food from a very early age. As a child, I was a tad bit peculiar for I was never the one to play or watch television. I used to enjoy being in the kitchen with my mom. My inclination and passion has always been towards all things, food related.


I started following a lot of famous and infamous bloggers, drew inspiration from all of them, spoke to a lot of them, started learning the intricacies of food blogging and that's how my beautiful journey blossomed into where I am today.


Every new project brings its own struggles and I had a few as well. When I started food blogging, I was working at a law firm, full time as a qualified advocate and a solicitor. So, I used to get only weekends to get my creative muscles going. I lacked any professional photography and editing skills. As a matter of fact, I’d say, I am still learning some of those. However, I took one day at a time and tried to devote at least an hour every day to learn something new. And that has made all the difference. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add as to how friendly the food blogging community is. A lot of those people choose to actively help and uplift others. I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in having met so many incredibly gifted bloggers in my journey so far. I do take pride in how far I have come. But I'm definitely not nearly done. I'm still growing and I want to stay at it. I want to spread my love and passion for food around. I am certain of the long way ahead of me.

I love what I'm doing and want to be able to make others fall in love with it as well. I wish to concoct recipes with my special touch. I hope to be able to work with brand around India and come up with recipes which are innovative and delicious. I also want to continue reviewing food products and restaurants all around. I hope that I am forever able to give them a genuine and an organic critique. I'm still climbing the ladder and wish to be at the top of the ladder soon enough. I had dreams of becoming a professional chef. Instead, here I am! With more than one hat on my head. I am a food blogger, a mom blogger, an advocate and a solicitor.A few more hats than a chef’s hat but I love it.